Native Flowers of Austria

Austria is located in Central Europe and has a temperate and fairly cool climate. Half the country is located in the Alps and so, the country has an alpine weather. The winters can be quite chilly while the summers can be quite hot. The topographical and climatic conditions of country account for various varieties grown in the country. Some of the native flowers of Austria, which add to the beauty of this country, are mentioned below.

Edelweiss is one of the popular mountain flowers of Europe as well as the national flower of Austria. The flower is a member of the sunflower family. The flower has the shape of a star with tiny white hairs, which give it a woolly appearance. The hairs protect the flower from the cold. It has a yellow center with five to six tiny flower heads. The flower is used to depict daring and courage due to its ability to grow in the cold mountain climate. Moreover, it is quite difficult and dangerous to get the flower from the mountainous areas where it is grown due to which, it is said to be the symbol of bravery. Besides this, it has significance in the military operations in the Alps. It was the symbol of the alpine division of the Austrian-Hungarian Army in 1907. The flower is also used in folk medicine and is pictured on the euro coins of the country. Moreover, it is commonly grown in gardens throughout the country.


This flower is native to the Alps and usually grows in the wild. The flower grows in clusters and is commonly blue, yellow, white and purple. One of the species, which can be found on the observe side of the € 0.01 euro coin, is blue and trumpet-like in shape.


The arnica is a perennial flower and is also known as leopard's bane. The flower is yellow-orange in color and blooms during the spring season. This flower is another member of the sunflower family. The flower is commonly used in traditional medicine throughout the country as a remedy for bruises and sprains.


The flower grows in clusters in a shrubby plant. The flower is purple in color and its blooming period stretches from early spring to late summer. Usually the flower can be found grown along moors and bogs.

These are some of the native flowers of Austria. Apart from them, alpine carnation, alpine rose and hyacinth are also native to the country. Some other flowers like roses are also grown in the country.