The Largest Mangrove Forest Of The World

A forest is mainly large areas of land thickly covered with trees. Mangroves on the other hand are tropical trees that grow in mud or at the edge of rivers and have roots that are above ground. Mangrove forest is thus generally forests composed of mainly mangrove tree species. A forest is one of the natural features that make countries natural features and add up to the country's flourish in the amount of green cover. Forests are a great resource as they are a source of fuel, timber, bark and many other useful products and raw materials.

The Sunderland, which is recognized the largest mangrove forest of the world. It is located in the southwest part of an Asian country known as Bangladesh in the greater Khulna district. The forest is also shared by the India republic, though in a very small part. The forest covers an area of about 38,000 square kilometers of land. It is actually a large block of littoral forests put together to form one massive thick forest.

The largest mangrove forest in the world has its greatest beauty lying in its surrounding which is quite rare and unique. Forests are good water catchment areas.The Sundarbans is a part of the world's largest delta formed by rivers Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghan. Many streams, rivers and estuaries have enhanced the charm of the largest mangrove forest in the world.

The lofty tree tops form a complete full well formed canopy that goes unbroken throughout the forest. As you get to the tree trunks your attention is caught by the works of high and ebb tides marked on the soil and them.

Despite being naturally beautiful the largest mangrove forest in the world it is also a habitat to many wild animals that attract a great deal of both national and international tourists to the area and the country in general. The Sundarbans is not only the world's largest mangrove forest but generally a wildlife sanctuary. It is the home to one of the big five animals of the world; the world's famous Royal Bengal Tiger. It also has other animals like the spotted deer, salt water crocodiles, jungle fowl, wild boar, king cobras and many more. Thousands of migrating flying ducks fly over the area and further into the serene natural beauty of the largest mangrove forest of world. The forest has over 260 bird species recorded in it. It has not less than 50 species of reptiles and eight amphibian species. The gangetic river dolphin is found in most of its rivers.

Due to availability of many fish species in the rivers, the gypsy fishing families have also settled in the world's largest mangrove forest making it their home. However not all parts of the biggest forest are suitable for settlement as about a third of the forest is covered with watery marshy areas.